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Butter & Unattended with a Sharpie....

Never leave your children unattended near a sharpie..... My husband was headed to town last night. He took the boys to the car to put them in their car seats. He realized when he got to the car he forgot the keys. He opened their door and then went in the house and grabbed his keys, coming right back out. Less than 5 minutes they were left alone, and in that time they found a sharpie in the center console. The boys decided they needed lots of moustaches and glasses, proceeding to write all over their faces. Now for the hard part, how to get permanent marker off their faces. When in doubt google it. I didn't want to scrub on their face or use a harsh chemical. I came across a website that said to use butter. Yes, butter. I cut a stick of butter and rubbed it all over their faces and let it sit for 2 minutes. My youngest didn't like it so he didn't wait 2 minutes to wipe it off. He had to have it off immediately, but my oldest let it sit. It took most off the marker off. I used a little makeup remover (cold cream) on both of them and the rest came off with ease. So, note to self, butter and makeup remover for Sharpies on the skin. I am sure it won't be the last time they find a random permanent marker.

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