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MUD and Dawn....

First I have to give credit to my hubby on these pics. He takes some really great ones and it won't be the last time I use his pictures, but I may need to give most of the credit to my cute kids. haha. We live out in the middle of nothing. It is a mile down a rough dirt road to get to our property. Everyday driving takes a little while but when it rains it is a sloshy, muddy mess. I have given up on washing my truck. There is no point. It may not be fun to drive but man do the boys love it and I wouldn't trade it for living in town. NO WAY! They love when daddy lets them play in the mud but mom is the one who does the laundry... and that is definitely not as much fun as the playing in it. You would think mud, dirt+water, would be easy to get out but mix that with a little Caliche, clay and rock and you would be surprised. The OCD in me sees all of this mud and mess and gets a little anxious, but I also know they are little boys and we have no where to be. Let them enjoy it. Its just a little mud.

I have a 2 step method that seems to work wonders to get mud out of clothes.

1. Them and their clothes must be fulled hosed off before entering the house.

2. DAWN. Yes, dish soap.

Ok, maybe I need to start with the fact that I LOVE Dawn. It has so many uses. Cleaning yes but much more than dishes. Grease, mud, tomato sauce, paint, markers, Popsicle, macaroni & cheese.... Dawn will get it out. Pour some on, let it sit and dry, then wash as normal. Poof the stain is gone. Ok, ok ok, so, it may not work on EVERYTHING, but I have found it sure works on a heck of a lot. No substitutes, I have tried other brands and they don't work as well. Plain, old school blue Dawn, try it and see.

Where did my babies go? These are little boys.

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