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Harper, TX - small town life

My family is from Doss, Fredericksburg, Harper area but I grew up for the most part in North Texas. Some neighbors, less than 100 feet away from your house, you could go years and not really meet, see or talk to. What I love about small town life, everyone just seems to know everyone. Here your neighbor may be 3 or 10 miles away and you know their kids, their kids kids, their dog, their cat and what kind of desserts they like best.

I went to a large highschool, 6A. I swear there are kids I went to middle school and high school with that I never met. People whose names I do not know. Big school, big classes, big space. My cousins that grew up here have friends they have known since elementary school and not just one or 2 but their class may have been 20-40 people and they know them all, yes not close friends with everyone but they at least know their names and know who they are. I want that. I love that. I want my kids to have that.

Between my aunt, my cousin, or them knowing my family it was like everyone knew each other this weekend when we the boys and I went to Das Shops at Harper on 290 for their Septemberfest and I love that. It just feels welcoming, friendly and inviting. After the shops we took naps then followed that up with the Harper Frontier Days Rodeo (more on that tomorrow). My mom joined us, my aunt decided to come as well and then my cousin got off work early and came out with my sweet nephew. It ended up being a family event and it really was the best day. When we got to the shops we were greeted by the owner Henry Sherman. He was cheerful and welcoming. He showed me around and introduced me to some of the vendors. There were clothes, purses, soaps, jewelry, food, boot makers, leather workers, kid boutiques, and more. They had live music that my kids were shaking their booties to, horse back rides, a small kids maze, lots of pumpkins, lemonade and musical chairs. Lots of fun. Even fresh market veggies, with the biggest zucchinis I have ever seen. Before the kiddos got dirty we went and took pictures at the pumpkin patch. The boys got to pick out pumpkins and then paint them to take home, which I almost forgot but Grandma to the rescue, she remembered them. My mom got the boys and my nephew matching pumpkin shirts from Emma’s Elephant Boutique that are so cute and I got a beautiful new backpack from Jennie Jean Designs. Jennie Jean has a lot of hand tooled leather items that are absolutely beautiful. I also love that the shirts she has were hand drawn by her and then printed onto a shirt. Her Texas one is definitely my favorite. If you haven’t heard of them check them out. Das Shops at Harper on 290 is having another Happy Market October 17 in case you missed it. All in all just a good fun but simple day surrounded by family and friends. A day that in 2020 are few and far between it seems like. Thank you for the little glimpse of normal Harper. Thank you.

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