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Harper Tomorrow...Lots to enjoy

With Covid, one thing it has done is steal our fun. Events cancelled, venues closed, no live music, no fun. Ha. Ok, Ok, so fun has still be had but not with socializing. That's why when events happen locally I want to scream about them from the roof tops! Harper Frontier Days is something that happens every year. Normally it is pretty much an all day affair but again, because of Covid the park is just putting on the Rodeo and BBQ. However, I have no idea who got together to say we are going to have other things anyways, but I applaud you. The Das Shops at Harper on 290 will have booths, a pumpkin patch, pumpkin painting, Farmer's Market, live music and food. Then the Rodeo and BBQ. After the Headwaters Pavillion is having a dance with the Kenny Feller band. I plan on taking the boys for pumpkin painting and the pumpkin patch then we will head home for nap time and back out later for the rodeo. Can't wait!

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