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Thanks and giving

Today I am so thankful for my job and this company, Ranch Radio Group. I spent 17 years working for the same restaurant company. Working at the corporate office and 4 different Chili's, I honestly thought that was where I was meant to be. In the beginning it was great. However, time went on and the job, the company wasn't what it once was. However, I stayed. Albeit in different capacities. I stayed. Fast forward to Covid. Who would have thought that a pandemic would turn to me being on furlough and then me without my job of 17 years. God has a plan. The same day I no longer worked for Chili's is the same day my GM Coreena called me for a interview. Now here we are 6+ months later and I can't believe I stayed so long working for a company, leaders, who never had your best interest at heart, who didn't support you and appreciate you. At Ranch Radio Group that is never the case. I have never felt so loved. So appreciated. I have leaders who want you to succeed, both professionally and personally. They challenge you to want more of yourself and they push you to be the best you can but genuinely for your benefit and not just for the betterment of the business. They truly care about you as a person. From running around a restaurant to sitting behind a desk was a big change, but this is home. This is family and I am so thankful to be apart of a great business who truly cares not just about its team members and the product they provide but their clients as well.

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