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Peace, what is it.

Peace. What is peace? What does that mean do you? Tranquility. Calm. Freedom from disturbance. Seclusion. Peace of mind. Peace of heart. Peace with God. Peace of God. Peace with others. Peacefullness. Inner peace. World peace.

A state of harmony. A time of calmness. Happiness.

My kids, my husband, my mom, dad, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends who have become family, my nieces and nephews, jeep adventures, hunting, fishing, reading a good book, playing shanghai with my family, crime documentaries with my best friend, baking, work family, live texas country music, dark chocolate, sleeping in late on the weekends, hill country wine, walking main street in Fredericksburg, hunting arrow heads with my cousin, sushi dates with my sister... those are my Peace. What are yours?

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