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Once In A Blue Moon

Today marks my first 4 weeks in the air with KRNH 92.3 FM as well affectionately call "The Ranch". I don't mean to sound super syrupy but I have never felt more welcomed, supported,

appreciated, and trusted by a new radio team than RRG.

Awhile back I made the decision to completely change my life and start fresh...and I mean completely. Sell my house and almost everything I own, change out of a job I could've probably had for life (was there since 2003), re-evaluate relationships, and move out of state and possibly across the country (I moved 1,213 miles). It was incredibly difficult and totally unnerving but its something I felt that must be I DID IT...YIKES!

The Ranch was not my first offer....I had looked for a very long just fit what I needed and wanted. That's not to say it wasn't still unsettling and a huge leap out of my comfort zone but I can tell you now I don't regret a thing other than I didn't do it at least 10 years earlier....but The Ranch opportunity may have not been there and the Team dynamic would've been completely different. What you can take away from this is that no matter how big a change you need and want to make...if its the right time and circumstances,

it will happen. You must want it to happen and you must be willing to let or make it happen. If its right it will fall into place.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you and all the members of the community who have made me feel so welcome truly deep in the heart of Texas, I would also like to thank the entire Ranch team for their confidence and cheer leading. I've never met a more hard working and professional radio group that still knows how to have fun. The picture you see is my predecessor Richard Lee and myself. It was an honor to meet him and I know that I have some big boots to fill...but I'm in no way replacing him...I'm building on the good that he established and continuing to entertain and serve you and the people of the Texas Hill Country.


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