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As we wind down to the end of October I am so grateful that former President Richard Nixon officially designated this National Country Music Month back in October 1972. At The Ranch we have been highlighting a different legend each day and playing a song by that artist every hour. I must tell you that I have really enjoyed sharing memories about the ones I’ve met and the ones

I wished I had… For instance

My first country concert experience as a child meeting Loretta Lynn as she patiently sat and signed autographs and met fans for hours after her concert at the Lake Charles Civic Center

A wonderful opportunity to spend time with Charley Pride in his huge dressing room in Branson and never getting to meet Don Williams because he was ill when we were supposed to meet

The chance meeting with Randy Owen in Beaumont Texas and hung out before an Alabama concert and the missed opportunity of meeting Waylon Jennings because I took a job in another state 2 weeks before his performance.

The beautiful gracious ladies of country like Dolly Parton, Brenda Lee, and Reba McEntire who lived up to their sweet, down home reputation. A real unexpected experience was getting to hang out with Tanya Tucker in her dressing room before a concert….the unexpected was that she was not only fun and sharp witted but extremely classy and polite.

Speaking of class, there was no one with more class and grace than Mr, Charlie Daniels who I was able to chat with many times before and after shows. And the class that Freddy Fender showed by giving me a surprise call at my home apologizing for not being as patient and polite as he thought he should’ve been at a concert the weekend before. That blew me away.

Then there was that time that Gene Watson showed up totally unannounced to talk with me at a station I was doing afternoons in Arizona or the fact that Vince Gill is such an unassuming quiet guy who loves to joke around and have good clean fun.

The picture you see on this blog is when I got the chance met Willie Nelson who is a favorite son of Texas and the Hill Country and a national treasure.

The point is that I have been blessed to have the opportunity to see so many exciting concerts and meet the people behind the music. I thank God for that and can tell you that country celebs just like country people are the most warm and welcoming of any genre and way of life out there.

I got a chance to share these stories and more all this month and I hope you had a chance to come along for the ride. Thank you for giving me the chance to experience so much with you where it’s in person, on the air, virtually, or vicariously. There are so many more tales to tell so I’d rather share them all on the Ranch Roundup 6-10am weekday mornings on 92.3 FM KRNH. So until tomorrow morning….


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