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Crazy Cat Cowboy

I hate the assumption that I’m a weird or not as masculine guy just because my preferred pet is a cat. I’m not crazy, not weird, and as much the straight red blooded American male as the next guy... just maybe a little more pragmatic and like my life a bit simpler.

Dogs are great but they can be a lot needier, more destructive, and take a heckuva lot more care-attention-and responsibility. Might as well have a kid!!! hahaha To me dogs may be considered man’s best friend but I consider them workers. If I have a dog he’s going to be my hunting helper, protector/watcher of the house, or herding my other animals to pay for his keep. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great at those things and as a companion, but a cat can take care of himself. My cat can give me the love and companionship I need but I never have to worry about walking him or worry about leaving him alone for a few days if I want to go out of town for the weekend.

You might be a person that doesn’t like cats because you think they’re mean, selfish, aloof, etc. Some bad apples may have given cats that reputation just like some bad dogs have given some breeds a bad rap. I can tell you from experience that when I go to a shelter to choose a cat, the cat usually chooses me. In fact we choose each other to compliment our personalities just like people do with dogs. BUT you must choose a cat more carefully and different than a dog. It takes a little more time and patience. That’s why I would never choose a kitten or puppy Everyone loves those because they’re cute, but as they develop they can turn into a nightmare. What's sadder is that you’ll probably end of having to adopt it out or bring it back to the shelter.

Dog lovers, don’t be haters and cat lovers don’t be snobs. To each his/her own. Maybe you are neither and prefer fish, birds, reptiles, or large or exotics. No matter what you get, remember that you are now their parent and caretaker so you should choose carefully and for life. Go to a local shelter, pound, or rescue first and do your research and due diligence. NEVER give a pet as a gift unless you are certain that person is compatible, willing and able to take care of that animal for life,

So with all that being said, thank you for taking care of your non-human friend, I am sure that he/she appreciates the love and attention you give as much or more than you get in return.


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